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ONARAIL™ is perfect for Loft / Industrial and ranch décor. Add our BARN WHEEL SET to create a popular Barn Door look over any window. ONARAIL™ can be used as standalone rods or as under rods for sheers behind an ONA Iron rod. Available in cord traverse or baton draw operation. Sturdy aluminum/steel construction supports 5 lbs/foot. Brackets recommended every 4′- 5′. Sold as an assembled set.

Easy to order,
1. Sold as an assembled set. Includes master carriers, pulleys, ball bearing sliders (1 every 3½”), end stops, return extender, end caps and a metal tension pulley. Brackets, splices and Barn Wheel sets sold separately. Curved rods are available. Please call for a quotation.
2. Specify if baton or cord draw. Specify: Rod length, one way or two way draw, cord side, cord drop and finish. If baton draw, order batons separately.
3. For best function we recommend against splicing. However, If rods are to be spliced, let us know the overall rod length, and the splice locations.


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